Mar 13, 2009

Tram - The return

There was once a tram in Luxembourg but now there is only a tram museum. But in a couple of years there will be a return of this people moving solution. After debating, tenders, choosing between the offers and even some protests it will be after all a tram and not a metro for example.

Supposedly during rush hour the buses are crowded and often stuck in jams (despite bus lanes). Trams are supposed to help solve this problem by having more capacity and a more separated lane.

I have big doubts about trams having a really significant posotive impact on the traffic and commuting in the city. OK, the passengers will have more personal space in trams than in busus which is great, but the the people in cars will face even more congested traffic, as there will be less space for those cars. I do not see that many people switching from cars to trams even in the worsened (on purpose?) conditions. The effect will be that the jams will be longer and slower meaning more smog from stationary traffic (how many people turn off engines when standing in traffic?).

The metro lost probably due to higher costs and insufficient foreseen utilisation. So we will have to see how the city transport will be when the tramway comes out from the museum.

Family car vs. sports car

Which car is bigger - a family Citroen Picasso or Ferrari Fiorano sports car? If you say it's a silly question as it's obvious, then look:

Or did you know that already? Anyway - Picasso is more roomy but looks like a small bug next to the muscular Ferrari ;)

Picasso: 4470 x 1830 mm
Ferrari: 4665 x 1962 mm