Aug 30, 2010

France and Belgium - near Lamorteau

August 2010

On the border of Belgium and France there is a forest. There is an old road leading to Pont Camus. First it's a hard gravel road with ruts made by water. Then it changes to a dirt road partially overgrown with grass. It was rainy for the last week so I had to negotiate muddy road where sun has no access. I have reached dry dirt road and arrived on tarmac by a cross put up in memory of the people killed during French Revolution.

Arriving at Lamorteau:

Then turned sharp left and went on the other side of the valley with a view towards Virton:

This way I have came from:

The cross was made in the 16th century and has been even sold at some point!

From there once again I took a road that was closed after some 500m. So I took another one and ended up in a field. The map was showing a road. Confused I went on a muddy road leading into the woods. It was real muddy. Checking the GPS I have realized that it will lead me nowhere. So I turned to reach the field I have seen before. Once there I just followed tracks on the harvested field and finally reached bumpy dirt road.

Luxembourg old town and Grund

August 2010

Through the streets of the old town, down in the Grund and around.

Luxembourg castle ruins - Lucilinburhuc ("small castle"), on the Bock Fiels ("rock").
Mousel brewery.
Old brewery, partially abandoned.
Alzette river.
Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge (Red Bridge).
Remains of the city fortifications.
Neum√ľnster Abbey.
Nightlife area.

Aug 25, 2010

Aumetz, France

August 2010

Disused iron ore mines and many bunkers mark the countryside around Aumetz and Errouville in France.

The bunkers are too often used as dumps

Some are partially destroyed

In the forest you can come by old military buildings like this abandoned barracks:

Left from the times of iron ore mining are now overgrown train lines:

Logging in the forests:

Evening sun

Deer going in the right direction:

August is the time of harvest.

There is plenty of beautiful dirt roads

And not only dirt ;)

Time to hit the tarmac...

It was a great ride

Aug 15, 2010


Mullerthal is the heart of the Luxembourgish Switzerland. Rocky cliffs, winding roads, waterfalls - it's a great destination. I will go there again, in the meantime my older photos from that place.