Aug 30, 2010

France and Belgium - near Lamorteau

August 2010

On the border of Belgium and France there is a forest. There is an old road leading to Pont Camus. First it's a hard gravel road with ruts made by water. Then it changes to a dirt road partially overgrown with grass. It was rainy for the last week so I had to negotiate muddy road where sun has no access. I have reached dry dirt road and arrived on tarmac by a cross put up in memory of the people killed during French Revolution.

Arriving at Lamorteau:

Then turned sharp left and went on the other side of the valley with a view towards Virton:

This way I have came from:

The cross was made in the 16th century and has been even sold at some point!

From there once again I took a road that was closed after some 500m. So I took another one and ended up in a field. The map was showing a road. Confused I went on a muddy road leading into the woods. It was real muddy. Checking the GPS I have realized that it will lead me nowhere. So I turned to reach the field I have seen before. Once there I just followed tracks on the harvested field and finally reached bumpy dirt road.

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